Denver is ‘Cool’

How do you define “cool”? Well according to Forbes, in order for a city to be “cool” it not only has to be a leader in entertainment, restaurants, and recreational amenities. But it also needs to be diverse, have a large group of young professionals, and a thriving place for population growth. The Denver metro area definitely meets that criteria, which makes it one of the top 10 ‘coolest’ cities…and we couldn’t agree more.

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Jim Lynch
Jim Lynch
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Jim has lived in the Denver Metro area since 1997 after retiring from IBM where he spent 25 years in Technical Sales and Marketing in Silicon Valley. While at IBM, Jim pursued his passion for real estate by investing in rentals and flipping properties. He entered the real estate field professionally as a Realtor in 2002, officially marrying his passion for architecture and working with people. Since becoming a Realtor he has thrived as a top producing Agent and Team Leader, helping train and develop new agents with an emphasis on superb customer service.